My artwork is available for several different kinds of licensing:
• Traditional Rights-Managed Licensing
• Royalty-Free Licensing
• Custom Created Royalty-Free Images

I am also available for freelance projects, depending on my schedule. Please contact me with your brief and project details if you're interested in working together!

All the art in my books is available for rights-managed licensing for many product categories. This type of licensing is typically used by companies who want exclusive rights to artwork for certain product categories and requires an advance against royalties upfront as well as royalties paid each quarter. I enjoy working closely with my licensees to create the best possible products. If you are a company looking to license my Notebook Doodles artwork, please contact me and let's talk!

If you're an individual (or company) looking for royalty-free doodles for a project, I also have a separate collection of over 900 royalty-free images available. This type of licensing allow anyone to pay a small fee to use the artwork while I retain the copyright. Prices are very reasonable and there are different license tiers that adjust depending on how you plan to use the image. Since I began the collection in 2007, my images have been licensed over 400,000 times and appeared on products and projects around the world.

Currently I license my image collection under the name Blue67Design through sites such as:
Adobe Stock


If you're looking for something specific that I don't have available in my royalty-free collection, I can also custom create the image you need and license it to you directly as royalty-free. I maintain ownership of the copyright of any custom images created and would add it to my royalty-free image collection. This is a great option for individuals or small companies on a budget looking for a very specific image in one of my doodle styles. If this sounds like a great solution for you, please contact me with your projects details and a brief so I can get you a quote.

What is Royalty-Free image licensing?

Royalty-free images are photos, illustrations, or vectors that artists license for a fee. The copyright of each image is owned by the artist and by purchasing a royalty-free usage license you as the buyer agree to certain terms of usage. The exacts of how you can use the images will depend on the details of the license you purchase. RF images and photos can be used on anything from a personal blog to a national ad campaign. It's an amazing way for clients big and small to get reasonably priced art and photos to make their projects stand out.

Wikipedia also has some great info if you're new to royalty-free microstock:

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